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Giving and Receiving: A Healthy Balance

What’s Wrong With Just Being a Giver? Have you ever felt taken for granted? Ever experienced resentment towards someone that you actually love doing nice things for but they don't ever seem to reciprocate? If yes (and there are numerous more examples of the particular feeling we’re talking about), then perhaps you’re struggling with achieving... Read more

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4 Tips for Avoiding Burnout During the Great Resignation

Few, if any, impactful events in history have come and gone without earning some type of titlethat is either catchy, descriptive, or both. That is certainly the case with what the economy hasbeen experiencing over the last several months, and perhaps for many more months to come:The Great Resignation. This is a play on both... Read more

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Setting Realistic Goals

Social media and its larger-than-life representations of what everyone is up to have significantly influenced the way we want to set goals. For instance, when we consume so many intimate, personal stories of unexpected success such as owning a house by the age of 25, having a 6 figure starting salary, or when we watch... Read more

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Practicing the Art of Kindness

Simply getting on with our lives, no matter how rewarding and meaningful, cannot produce the sense of fulfillment and pure joy that kindness and acts of giving back into the world that nurtures and nourishes us can! Think of moments like when your friend likes the birthday present you spent weeks choosing for her, or... Read more

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Know Your Own Power

About this event Do you have the power to decide how your story goes? Life can be relentless, challenging and full of curveballs thrown at us. But through the difficult times, life also offers us the gift of discovering the power we have to choose our response. At this special event, the high-profile medical doctor... Read more

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Is Multitasking Possible?

Happier Way Original - In the times that we live in, there has been a glorification of multitasking, and putting our precious time to the best possible use has become a desirable way of life! Multitasking is indeed a lifestyle that has become a proclaimed mantra of success for many, focusing on getting multiple tasks... Read more

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Stop Living on Auto Pilot

Join us for an inspiring event with coach Antonio Neves and learn how you can reboot your life, live more boldly and find more happiness. About this event Do you feel lost, stuck or at a standstill in your life? At this event Antonio Neves will share his insights to help you stop living on... Read more

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Drop-In Womens’ Personal Growth Group

Drop In Womens' Group, Identify and love the skin you are in, Learn personal growth tools to build your confidence and walk in your truth. About this event "I WANT TO BE CONFIDENT IN THE SKIN I AM IN" "I WANT MORE IN RELATIONSHIPS, WHERE DO I GO WRONG" "BEING ME IS NOT ACCEPTED BY... Read more

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Empowering Girls Event 2021

About this event We are excited to announce that EGFL 2021 will again be VIRTUAL and FREE! Join us Sunday, September 12th - Sunday, September 26th to listen, engage, and be inspired by the stories of successful women from different industries, while also enjoying sponsorship and exhibitor booths. This event is designed for girls and... Read more

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Virtual Youth Leadership Summit

Please join us to hear young people present their ideas for transforming the foster care and youth homelessness systems in Washington state! About this event The Youth Leadership Summit is an inspiring, youth-led event where youth from across Washington state come together to present their advocacy ideas for the coming year to legislators and policy... Read more

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The Personal Practice Summit

About this event 20/20 Intuition presents the Personal Practice Summit. Learn directly from the world's leading wellness experts for FREE from the comfort of your home. The goal of the Personal Practice Summit is to transform theory into practical knowledge and answer the question: what is the expert’s personal practice? Teachers from across the mind,... Read more

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Personal Growth Club: Gratitude and ikigai

Make a gratitude list; understanding gratitude; reflect on areas of life to develop appreciation; developing the attitude of gratitude; Paul's active and short meditations for the week. EVENT FORMAT Each session is around ninety minutes. The facilitator will lead an interactive program for an hour, followed by fifteen minutes questions and answers, followed by fifteen... Read more

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The Transformative Effects of Mindful Self-Compassion

Leading experts on mindful self-compassion Drs. Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer share how self-kindness, recognition of our humanity, and mindfulness give us the strength to thrive. An explosion of research into self-compassion over the last decade has shown its benefits for well-being. Individuals who are more self-compassionate tend to have greater happiness, life satisfaction and motivation, better... Read more

Give Yourself a Break: The Power of Self-Compassion

Managing Yourself When you have a setback at work, treat yourself as you would a friend: with kindness and understanding. by Serena Chen From the Magazine (September–October 2018) Summary.   When we experience a setback at work, we tend to either become defensive and blame others, or berate ourselves. Neither response is helpful. Shirking responsibility by getting defensive may... Read more

A guide to believing in yourself (but for real this time)

TV star, Catherine Reitman, shares her lessons learned in seeing ideas thru to their completion, not allowing others to reshape your vision and a little bit about family dynamics. Catherine Reitman is the creator, executive producer, writer, and star of CBC’s acclaimed original comedy series, Workin’ Moms. Known for her roles in Blackish and It’s... Read more

Everybody can be a sustainability leader | Annick Schmeddes

Everyone can put some sustainability effort in his or hers current job and way of life. Forget about drastic changes, Annick Schmeddes teaches us how you can maximize your sustainable talents, and become sustainability leaders. Everyone can put some sustainability effort in his or hers current job and way of life. Forget about drastic changes,... Read more

Allow things to unfold and you will find your purpose in life | Peggy Oki | TEDxQueenstown

With an appreciation of flow and motion Peggy's life has been always been driven by passion. From surfing and skateboarding to the intimate appreciation what she calls the 'Cetacean Nation'. Discovering the transformative force of participation artwork through her Origami Whales project was the first step to realising that passion could be harnessed, amplified and... Read more