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Developing a Growth Mindset in Children

About this event This presentation will cover learning about what growth mindset is and specific teaching, parenting and counseling techniques that can build perseverance and a growth mindset for kids who want to easily give up. Lauren Alvarez has her Master's in Counseling, Master's in Teaching with Elementary Certification, Bachelor's in Psychology, Certified School Counseor... Read more

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The Growth Mindset

Confused and frustrated how life is going? Uncertainty about the future? Being stuck not knowing what to do? About this event There is a secret solution to most problems! If you want to learn, do join I will try to equip you with a few scientifically proven methods in these sessions I am planning to... Read more

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Practicing the Art of Kindness

Simply getting on with our lives, no matter how rewarding and meaningful, cannot produce the sense of fulfillment and pure joy that kindness and acts of giving back into the world that nurtures and nourishes us can! Think of moments like when your friend likes the birthday present you spent weeks choosing for her, or... Read more

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Relationships, Family, and Mental Health

The complicated nature of mental illnesses can make relationships challenging. Learn strategies to set boundaries, respond to difficult behavior, and manage your own stress in this one-hour webinar with a licensed therapist. Certificates of attendance are provided at no cost. CEUs are not provided. About the instructor: Jaymi Dormaier, LMSW, holds a master's degree in... Read more

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Identity and Belonging

About this event How do we form our individual and collective identity? How do we modify our identities to fit in and assimilate when we encounter other cultures? What does that mean for us when we return home? Belonging is intrinsic to our sense of confidence and self worth as individuals and how we are... Read more

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Personal Growth Club: Gratitude and ikigai

Make a gratitude list; understanding gratitude; reflect on areas of life to develop appreciation; developing the attitude of gratitude; Paul's active and short meditations for the week. EVENT FORMAT Each session is around ninety minutes. The facilitator will lead an interactive program for an hour, followed by fifteen minutes questions and answers, followed by fifteen... Read more

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2021 Virtual Autism Summit

Join us to learn strategies to help individuals living with autism of all ages adapt as our community “reopens.” Once registered, you will receive a link to join the event webinar at the specified time and date. There will be a Q&A segment toward the end of the event. Certificates of completion will be available.... Read more

The Psychology of Purpose

Reviewing six decades of research into the meaning, development, and benefits of purpose in life Modern scientific research on human purpose has its origins in, of all places, a Holocaust survivor’s experiences in a series of Nazi concentration camps. While a prisoner at Theresienstadt, Auschwitz and two satellite camps of Dachau, Viennese psychologist Viktor Frankl noticed that... Read more