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Feel Better with Kindness

Can kindness help us be healthier as well as happier? After years in emergency medicine, Dr Kelli Harding became curious about why similar cases often had drastically different outcomes. She stumbled on a remarkable study of rabbits, where heart disease was avoided for one group looked after by a particularly kind researcher. This sparked her... Read more

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Practicing the Art of Kindness

Simply getting on with our lives, no matter how rewarding and meaningful, cannot produce the sense of fulfillment and pure joy that kindness and acts of giving back into the world that nurtures and nourishes us can! Think of moments like when your friend likes the birthday present you spent weeks choosing for her, or... Read more

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Using the Practice of Self-Kindness to Cope With Stress

Using Self-Kindness to Cope with Stress  β€œIn all the greatest spiritual traditions, at their heart is tenderness, just to be kind inside, and then everything rights itself. Fear rests. Confusion rests.”   β€“ Pamela Wilson Most of us today are suffering from the stress that chaos and uncertainty can bring. Self-kindness, an important aspect of self-compassion, has been proven to help... Read more