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4 Tips for Avoiding Burnout During the Great Resignation

Few, if any, impactful events in history have come and gone without earning some type of title
that is either catchy, descriptive, or both. That is certainly the case with what the economy has
been experiencing over the last several months, and perhaps for many more months to come:
The Great Resignation. This is a play on both the Great Depression and Great Recession, two
events that decimated the global economy for a time. While the impacts of the Great
Resignation are still to be seen, what we already know is that the COVID-19 pandemic taken
jointly with physical and emotional fatigue is causing burnout like we have never seen. Avoiding
burnout can almost seem like an impossible task these days.
Fortunately, the solution does not have to be mounting a job search—an endeavor that only
adds to the anxiety. Rather, if you are looking at avoiding burnout in your career and current
job, here are four helpful tips to keep you going and improve your mental health.

  1. Get Your Sleep
    Waking up feeling rested and ready to attack each day is, literally, the first step toward living
    healthier and avoiding burnout at work. If there is one habit you can adopt for improving your
    mental and physical health, it would be prioritizing your sleep.
  2. Practice Healthy Eating & Exercising
    Eating healthy and establishing a regular exercise routine are essentials to living a healthier life,
    and that includes avoiding burnout in your career. You will be amazed how much better you
    feel at work, both mentally and physically, if you can do those two things.
  3. Pursue Your Passions
    Work shouldn’t be all about earning a paycheck. Make it mean something to you. If necessary,
    reevaluate your responsibilities and reconnect with the passions and purpose that drove you
    into your position in the first place. Similarly, if there is something outside of work that you are
    passionate about, get involved today. The emotional reward will be well worth it.
  4. Establish a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Avoiding burnout at work has as much to do with your personal life as your professional life.
Conduct an audit of the amount of time and energy you are putting into your work, and ensure
that you are putting as much into the relationships in your life and the things that make you
happy. This healthy work-life balance will endure.

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