4 Best Practices For Building Happy And Productive Hybrid Work Teams by Cassie Cooper

After two years of remote work, many offices are transitioning to hybrid work setups in an effort to regain some normalcy. In fact, according to an ABC News report on new hybrid office spaces, up to 57% of newly constructed offices are being specifically designed with this setup in mind. Analysts say this reflects how necessary... Read more

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Giving and Receiving: A Healthy Balance

What’s Wrong With Just Being a Giver? Have you ever felt taken for granted? Ever experienced resentment towards someone that you actually love doing nice things for but they don't ever seem to reciprocate? If yes (and there are numerous more examples of the particular feeling we’re talking about), then perhaps you’re struggling with achieving... Read more

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Setting Realistic Goals

Social media and its larger-than-life representations of what everyone is up to have significantly influenced the way we want to set goals. For instance, when we consume so many intimate, personal stories of unexpected success such as owning a house by the age of 25, having a 6 figure starting salary, or when we watch... Read more

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Practicing the Art of Kindness

Simply getting on with our lives, no matter how rewarding and meaningful, cannot produce the sense of fulfillment and pure joy that kindness and acts of giving back into the world that nurtures and nourishes us can! Think of moments like when your friend likes the birthday present you spent weeks choosing for her, or... Read more

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Doing Boundaries: Healthy Boundaries for Healthy Relationships

Ever since the pandemic hit, the importance of boundaries in everyday life has become more prominent than ever before. Think about how confusing it was for one household to turn into an office space, a classroom, a place for rest and relaxation while simultaneously becoming a gym, a restaurant, a boardroom, and a bedroom. What... Read more

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The Three Benefits of Regular Journaling

Happier Way Original - It can seem a bit strange at first to pick up a blank notebook with the expectation that you are going to write down some meaningful thoughts, find some deeper insights within mundane documentation and emerge a more enriched person at the end of your first journal entry. Perhaps it is... Read more

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Is Multitasking Possible?

Happier Way Original - In the times that we live in, there has been a glorification of multitasking, and putting our precious time to the best possible use has become a desirable way of life! Multitasking is indeed a lifestyle that has become a proclaimed mantra of success for many, focusing on getting multiple tasks... Read more


4 Key Lessons of Strong Leadership, From Proven Leaders

Happier Way Original - Early in careers, as employees try to gain their footing within a company, they strive for excellence as a team member or individual contributor. Eventually, though, as they grow in their careers, individual contributors seek the next step of the professional journey. This next step is typically the one that thrusts... Read more


9 Tips for More Sustainable Living

Happier Way Original - It is no secret that our previous consumption as well as production habits have impacted our environment. The extravagant use of environmental resources coupled with the increasing global population resulted in unsustainable practices. There was a rise of throw away and cowboy economies. We developed at the cost of nature and... Read more


Level Up Your Leadership with These 7 Top Leadership Skills

Happier Way Original - You’ve reached the management level, got that promotion, made it to the big leagues. Congratulations on your new position! While you are celebrating and contemplating the workload that comes with this senior position, have you thought about what kind of leader you are going to be? Maybe you will be the... Read more