9 Tips for More Sustainable Living

Happier Way Original - It is no secret that our previous consumption as well as production habits have impacted our environment. The extravagant use of environmental resources coupled with the increasing global population resulted in unsustainable practices. There was a rise of throw away and cowboy economies. We developed at the cost of nature and... Read more

Positive Psychology against climate change – a journey towards gratitude | Laura Schober

In this video, Laura Schober explains the relationship between happiness and climate change, followed by a 10-minute gratitude & mindfulness exercise. Laura is a coach, workshop facilitator, and employee wellbeing consultant in London and Zurich. She is incredibly passionate about empowering both individuals and teams to be the best versions of themselves. Her workshops and... Read more


Arts + Environmental Justice Symposium

The environmental and climate justice movements are rooted in the understanding that communities of color and low income communities experience all environmental issues first and worst, including climate change. They also recognize the root of the problem is in an extractive economy that exploits the planet and people for profit. As climate change increases the... Read more