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Finding a Happier and Less Stressful Way to Do Business by Chelsea Lamb

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of spinning plates going all at once, and if any of them falls and breaks, it can end up sending them all crashing to the floor. No wonder you’re stressed! The problem with being stressed from keeping all those plates in the air is that the more stressed... Read more

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Wellbeing and Nature

Join us for Wellbeing and Nature workshop! About this event Looking after your mental wellbeing is just as important as looking after your physical health. The winter months and the pandemic have taken a toll on many people's mental health. Spring is here and this workshop will help to equip you with tools to better... Read more

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Making Sense of Wellbeing – Managing Anxiety

Making Sense of Wellbeing - Resilience skills and strategies This twelve week course for parents/carers offers you the opportunity to explore some of the essential elements of wellbeing. Our personal and social wellbeing helps us to develop good relationships, feel connected to others and improves our resilience, empathy, and adaptability. The course includes a blend... Read more

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Reframing ‘normal’ and understanding wellbeing post Covid

About this event The stress and changes in our lives caused by Covid have affected our physical and mental wellbeing in many ways. Covid has also affected our way of working, and how we can be successful in our performance and careers while protecting our energy and happiness. Tayyaba will share her experience of working... Read more

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Doctors training: Maintaining wellbeing in working with loss, death & grief

Training for Doctors: Maintaining wellbeing in working with loss, death and grief About this event Doctors face a number of stresses in their work which can detrimentally affect their mental health. In recognition of the importance of promoting wellbeing among doctors, Child Bereavement UK is pleased to have been awarded a grant from BMA Giving... Read more

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Gentle Yoga for Terrible Times

Simple and accessible breathing exercises, stretches, and guided meditation for all bodies, minds, and spirits. No experience necessary. About this event Human beings are not meant to be in constant fight, flight, or freeze mode. Chronic stress takes a devastating toll on our mental and physical well-being. If you are exhausted, stressed out, burnt out,... Read more

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Happier Together – with Jon Yates

Join us for a special event with author Jon Yates to learn how we can overcome our divisions to create a happier and less polarised society. About this event How can we heal our divisions and find ways to thrive together? Our society feels increasingly polarised these days. In the online world, anonymous rants stoke... Read more

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Wellbeing Skills

Join us for an inspiring event with neuroscientist Professor Richard Davidson to learn science-based skills to boost your wellbeing. About this event Can wellbeing skills be learned? At this special event, neuroscientist Richard J Davidson will share the latest insights from the neuroscience of wellbeing. He'll explain how wellbeing is not a static thing, but... Read more

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Tips for Transitioning Into a Post Covid World

Happier Way Original -   Nothing feels like it will ever be the same since the spring of 2020, yet numerous lockdowns, Zoom dinners, Teams meetings, online lectures later, we are finally at a point where we can see the end in sight. Playgrounds and classrooms are filling up once again, the clinking of cutlery... Read more

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Truth and Reconciliation Week

About this event This year, we’re proud to announce that Every Child Matters is growing from a single day to a full week of Truth and Reconciliation programming. Last year’s unprecedented online event was attended by over 500,000 students, teachers, and general public attendees. Together, we can build on the success of Every Child Matters... Read more

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How to Cope with Grief After Losing a Coworker

Happier Way Original - Are you working to live or living to work? Some people can easily make that distinction while others may find it difficult to say. Regardless, the average American spends 90,000 hours working throughout his or her lifetime, so the workplace is undoubtedly a key place for socializing and forming long-term bonds... Read more


Beyond Lockdown: the ‘pandemic scar’ on young people – European Youth Forum

This report from the European Youth Forum examines the deep social, economic, and also mental health challenges young people are facing as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. It analyses how the pandemic and lockdown measures have already severely affected young people’s work and income, education and learning, and mental health and wellbeing. This research... Read more

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Masterclass: Health and Wellness

Improve your life quality and lead a healthier lifestyle About this event Come join us and understand the correlation between health and wellness, work and life balance. Learn practical strategies to manage: mental health/emotional wellness spiritual wellness social and environmental wellness physical wellness This session will also include a live yoga exercise, meditation demonstration, tips... Read more

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Natural Wellbeing – with Satish Kumar

Join us for a special event with renowned activist and author Satish Kumar to discover how living more simply can boost our wellbeing. About this event How can living more simply help us take care of ourselves, our planet and each other? Satish Kumar is a long-term peace activist and campaigner for wellbeing and environmental... Read more


Using Mindfulness to Improve Emotional Wellbeing

Happier Way Original - One of the best ways to achieve—and maintain—emotional wellbeing is to get really good at staying present. When you can keep your attention, your thoughts, and your focus on the here and now, you are better able to enjoy moments, feel gratitude, appreciate your achievements, get work done effectively, and express... Read more


Food & Health Public Lectures 2021

The world of social media provides an overwhelming amount of information on food and nutrition. Often this information can be misleading and, in some instances, harmful to people’s health. For the average person, it is difficult to know whether this information is fact or fiction. The UCD Institute of Food and Health is an international... Read more

What are happiness and well-being? A brief guide

1. What is the difference between happiness and well-being? Most researchers use ‘happiness’ to mean nothing more than a state of mind, like being satisfied with your life or having a positive emotional condition. To ask what happiness is, in this sense, is just to ask about the nature of a state of mind. By contrast, researchers... Read more