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How Structured Morning Routines Help Improve Overall Well-Being

Someone in your life has undoubtedly told you, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And for good reason: there is truth behind that statement, as cliché as it may sound after hearing it time and time again. According to WebMD, “breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, helping you burn calories throughout the day.” The... Read more

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5 Tips to Practice Mindful Eating

Happier Way Original - Mindful Eating Mindful eating refers to the act of paying attention to our food and purposefully consuming it without any judgment. Mindful eating emphasizes people's sensual awareness of the food they are eating and their experience while eating it. Sometimes we eat without giving much thought to it. While there is... Read more

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Zoom Fatigue – how it affects your daily life and how to combat it

Combating Virtual/Zoom Fatigue Over the last two years, a lot of office work has been shifted online due to obvious reasons. This remote work was thought to be more accessible and fun at the start, but its side effects have impacted individuals across the globe. If you feel tired, anxious, and nervous recently, you may... Read more

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How to Cope with Grief After Losing a Coworker

Happier Way Original - Are you working to live or living to work? Some people can easily make that distinction while others may find it difficult to say. Regardless, the average American spends 90,000 hours working throughout his or her lifetime, so the workplace is undoubtedly a key place for socializing and forming long-term bonds... Read more

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The Dalai Lama and friends: celebrating 10 years of Action for Happiness

We're holding two very special events to celebrate 10 years of Action for Happiness - with the Dalai Lama and special guests! About this event Join us to celebrate ten years of Action for Happiness This unique online event will feature exclusive highlights from our Patron, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in conversation with Professor... Read more