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Nurturing Emotional Well-being

As we come out of Lockdown, we at Natures Pure Love have observed seven elements that have impacted on people emotionally. About this event Disbelief Anger Sadness Confusion Loss Acceptance Optimism Going through these seemingly natural reactions can cause a high level of stress and anxiety, bringing on panic attacks, irrational behaviour, fear and even... Read more

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How You Can Take Action on World Suicide Prevention Day

Happier Way Original - As we approach World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th, we must take a step back and reflect on the terrible impact that suicide has had on our society. The National Institute of Mental Health has compiled eye-opening statistics about suicide in the United States. For people 34 and younger, suicide... Read more

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5 Tips to Practice Mindful Eating

Happier Way Original - Mindful Eating Mindful eating refers to the act of paying attention to our food and purposefully consuming it without any judgment. Mindful eating emphasizes people's sensual awareness of the food they are eating and their experience while eating it. Sometimes we eat without giving much thought to it. While there is... Read more