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How You Can Take Action on World Suicide Prevention Day

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As we approach World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th, we must take a step back and reflect on the terrible impact that suicide has had on our society. The National Institute of Mental Health has compiled eye-opening statistics about suicide in the United States. For people 34 and younger, suicide is the second leading cause of death; it is within the top five leading causes of death for people 54 and younger in the United States. Also, for the last two decades, the suicide rate in the United States has been on a slow yet steady rise.

If these statistics are startling and disturbing to you, then you are far from alone. The practical next question then becomes: What can I do to help? To take action this World Suicide Prevention Day, keep the following things in mind.

Remove the Stigma

Breaking the mental health stigma has never been more important. Too many people spend their lives feeling ashamed of who they are or of their mental health issues. World Suicide Prevention Day allows us to further break this mental health stigma and increase our compassion for those who are suffering from mental illness. Take time out of your day to reach out to individuals who you know are struggling with mental health issues. If you are in a position of influence, show that mental health is a priority and not something that should be hidden.

Openly Show Your Support

The World Health Organization launched a “40 Seconds of Action” campaign to battle suicide during World Suicide Prevention Day. The campaign enlisted everyone’s help to use their positions in both personal and professional environments to spend 40 seconds driving awareness to the cause. This could mean reaching out to a loved one who has attempted suicide in the past, or it could mean using your influence as a manager in a company to give a presentation to a group of employees—spreading the message positively.

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