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The Difference Between Tolerance and Acceptance

We often use the words tolerance and acceptance, it isn’t even jargon to us! These words carry everyday meanings in everyday conversations and are quite regularly used interchangeably. However, both these words denote different things and under them, come a variety of attitudes and perceptions about the world.  Tolerance: So let’s unpack them one by... Read more

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Why Is Social Inclusion Important for Mental Wellbeing?

We often hear the terms inclusion and exclusion being used in conversation around us, especially in recent times, social inclusion has become a key topic for deliberation in all aspects of life. It is not some distant political concept, but it has become something we are trying to execute in our everyday lives such as... Read more

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Active Listening and Inclusivity

In any multicultural workplace, institution, classroom, etc., to create a healthy environment, the first priority is to make everyone heard. This is done to ensure that the workplace can be an inclusive environment that can be a melting pot for everyone’s creativity and potential to be harnessed and put to use. You may wonder why... Read more

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Tips for Multicultural Collaboration

Happier Way Original - A common phrase we hear all the time is “it’s a small world.” And truly, it is! In the era of zoom conferences across time zones, knowledge sharing and information dissemination taking place across vast geographical areas in what seems like no time at all, new and improved modes of communication... Read more

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Ways organizations can be authentically LGBTQIA+ inclusive

Happier Way Original - With June being the month of Pride, you may have noticed many organisations publicly announcing their support for LGBTQIA+ communities. While it’s positive to see a supportive front, it can often veer into the territory of performative ‘rainbow-washing’. This refers to the adoption of the appearance of inclusivity for ulterior motives,... Read more