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The Creative Advantage Arts Partner Summer Institute

August 19, 2021

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Explore the connection between self-care & culturally responsive teaching and gain new ideas to create a culture of care with your students.
About this event
How does self-care support culturally responsive teaching? How can arts learning cultivate a culture of care? Dr. Bre, an award-winning speaker, teacher, researcher, coach and healer, will give this year’s dynamic keynote and lead an interactive workshop focused on self-reflection. Then explore culturally responsive and anti-racist arts learning through Seattle Public School’s new The Roots Arts Framework and learn firsthand from the teachers and teaching artists who created it. A social gathering is being planned for 4-6pm that evening to allow space for connection and celebration of the year ahead.

This workshop is free and open to all educators, teachers, teaching artists, artist and community arts organization staff. Four Washington State clock hours available for participants.

About the Keynote:

With over a decade of national and international experience as an Equity & Inclusion professional and counseling psychology professor, Dr. Bre is an award-winning speaker, teacher, researcher, coach and healer. She is nationally recognized for inspiring change at the soulful energetic level of transformation and thought leader inspired consciousness in leadership and mindful organizational culture. Her interdisciplinary approach weaves Western psychological theory and indigenous healing philosophy together to deepen our awareness of the more subtle, but more profound, dimensions of transformation and evolution.

She inspired audiences to PAUSE for PRESENCE and cultivate the 12 Blissiplines of Self-Sovereignty by centering healing as a catalyst for powerful social change and personal evolution. As a speaker and author, she amplifies the power of authenticity, emboldening learners to courageously move away from PERforming life (within the context of setting)-towards PUREforming life-by trusting your voice and understanding privilege is not about power…it’s about responsibility.

Dr. Bre is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). This work has resulted in over 150 national and international audiences, academic publications, corporate and NPO trainings, seminars and workshops.

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