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A multicountry perspective on gender differences in time use during COVID-19

We find pervasive gender differences in time use during COVID-19. Surveys of diverse samples with over 30,000 respondents reveal that women—especially mothers—spent more time on necessities such as childcare and chores. In turn, time spent completing household chores was linked to lower well-being. This research reveals persistent time-use differences between women and men in household... Read more

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From Diversity to Inclusion: An Inclusion Equation

Mary-Frances Winters For inclusion, you have to start with the heart and then move to the head. For authentic, sustainable, inclusive organizations, leaders have to “get it in their guts” and then commit to becoming competent so their behavior matches their intent.—Fortune 100 Financial Services CEO https://intel-writers.us/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Parise-for-the-Diversity-of-WOrk-for-Chapter-15-Analysis-Essay-Assignment.pdf#page=248

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Disentangling the Meanings of Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations

QUINETTA M. ROBERSONCornell UniversityGiven the emergence of a new rhetoric in the field of diversity, which replaces the term diversity with the term inclusion, this study comparatively investigates the meanings of diversity and inclusion in organizations. The findings of Study 1, which used a qualitative methodology to explore the construct definitions and to derive a... Read more

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When to Release the Lockdown: A Wellbeing Framework for Analysing Costs and Benefits

Abstract In choosing when to end the lockdown, policy-makers have to balance the impact of the decision upon incomes, unemployment, mental health, public confidence and many other factors, as well as (of course) upon the number of deaths from COVID-19. To facilitate the decision it is helpful to forecast each factor using a single metric.... Read more