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The definitive guide to disability inclusion in the workplace

In an increasingly digital and remote working environment, it’s important to focus on inclusivity. This guide explores the key aspects of disability in the workplace in depth, providing insight into how inclusive company policies and working styles tend to be (or tend not to be), as well as showcasing key data. We’ll also look at what methods companies can use to ensure a more inclusive culture. By making disability inclusion a priority, businesses can help drive motivation, engagement, and talent retention at work.

In short, disability inclusion provides people with disabilities the same opportunities to participate in society as others. This goes beyond encouraging people – ideally, inclusion should be a key part of policies and practices in the workplace.

Disability inclusion allows everyone to have equal rights in society – including in the workplace. Having a job or career is a standard part of life for many people, but there can be barriers that make it difficult for a person with disabilities to find and retain employment. Taking an inclusive stance can increase workplace opportunities.

To further understand the topic, it can be helpful to define disability and inclusion as separate terms.

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