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10 Female Real Estate Influencers You Should Be Following

There’s more to female real estate influencers than Dior bags, Jimmy Choo heels and globetrotting.

Okay, maybe that’s a part of the package. But unlike the stereotypical influencer, they are part of the industry as agents and investors.

To be clear, the purpose of this post isn’t intended to promote affluence or wealth. Rather, it’s a list of some of the most powerful women in real estate. Generally, these are experienced and accomplished realtors who are devoted to inspiring up-and-comers to success.

Nonetheless, they all are successful property giants with billions of dollars in deals amongst them. And because they are mind-blowing influencers, you can pick their brain.

Now that we’re on the same page, I’ll go ahead and introduce them but first …

Who’s A Real Estate Influencer?
With a quick Google search, the Oxford dictionary defines an influencer as someone with the ability to influence buyers of a product or service by promoting the items on social media.

Now, that’s pretty straightforward, right? Except a real estate influencer could be an agent, broker, or investor who’s really only marketing their business through social media.

Frankly, female real estate influencers are not random popular women who take photos online to promote paid ads. Here’s a ballpark of what they do online:

Share insight tips, advice, and investment opportunities
Post photos of listings, remodelling projects, etc.
Show their followers why (and potential clients) they should be trusted.
In fact, some real estate firms encourage their realtors to leverage social media marketing. And go as far as paying for A.I. tools to manage their accounts better.

All in all, real estate influencers put their money where their mouth is.

They post to market their inventory, motivate agents, and build client trust.

But I must say, they go about it (in real estate and beyond) with different approaches.

Types of Female Real Estate Influencers
The known way to categorize a social media influencer is by the number of followers they have. However, for the sake of this post, I’ll order these socialites by their approach to influencing.

The Lifestyle Real Estate Influencer
These are the typical social media figures. They post perfectly-shot images of the good life with a cheerful or motivational caption. And occasionally, active or sold listings.

Most women in real estate who follow this approach specialize in luxurious properties. As you’d imagine, it will be reassuring to a client who wants to pay millions of dollars for a penthouse that the agent looks the part.

Often, these women influencers are established in the industry or extroverted. Agents who use this approach also diversify as lifestyle influencers at first glance. Melissa Vale, for instance, has this to say about social media helped her business grow:

“I initially started growing my social media channel out of a desire to promote my listings and my real estate business in general. All the real estate firms encourage it. My fashion and beauty brand work happened as an extension of this.”

The Low-Key Real Estate Influencer
On the other end of the spectrum, the low-key female real estate influencers are about value. Although I don’t have the numbers, women with this style usually are involved in flipping houses. Or career mums with an insight into healthy work-life balance.

They often share helpful tips, courses, talk shows, Q&A sessions, and events with their followers. More often than not, these influencers have a specialty, like remodelling, short-term rentals and serial investing. Or even how to invest in real estate as couples, like how Lauren and Kyle of Rentals to Wealth teach BRRRR investing.

Top Ten Female Real Estate Influencers to Follow 

From California-based luxury realtors to international brokerage moguls, these titans will take you on a journey through the real estate industry. 

1. Moneeka Sawyer 

Women,Real Estate,Influencers

Moneeka Sawyer is the queen of value amongst women in real estate, as far as I know. Controversial much? I’ll take the chance. 

With over two decades of experience and a multi-million dollar business to show for it, she’s capable. But what’s fascinating is that she shares the knowledge heartily. Listening to her talk in her melodic voice and joyful smile for 2 minutes alone would get you hooked. 

Unsurprisingly, she’s the host of a successful podcast, Real Estate Investing For Women, that’s rated 0.5% in global charts. She has also spoken at notable platforms like TedX, Harvard, Fox 5, and CBS.   

Moneeka’s not-so-popular Instagram page literally begs to teach interested folks how to invest in real estate. On her website, you’ll learn – for free – how you can start investing with or without money for only 5 hours a month. 

Go follow the blissful investor and listen to her podcasts to learn more about investing in real estate.  

2. Barbara Corcoran

Women,Real Estate,Influencers

Getting into the real estate scene with a $1000 loan from her boyfriend at the age of 23, young Barbara wanted to be the queen of real estate. Twenty-three years later, her dream came true when she sold her company to NRT for $66 million in 2001. 

Today, Barbara Corcoran is a real estate mogul who’s always willing to impart to people. She’s a Shark Tank investor, podcast host, author of multiple best-selling books, YouTuber, and featured on more talk shows than I can reasonably pen down. What’s more, 70-year old Barbara also has over 700k followers on her active and enlightening Instagram page. 

Unlike most female real estate influencers, she not only gives advice but also invests in people. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres about her podcast, Business Unusual, she acknowledges that she gives advice people won’t get from anybody else. 

3. Monick Halm 

Women,Real Estate,Influencers

Like to become a goddess? Love to run a couple-themed business, or start investing in real estate as a busy professional woman?  

Keep calm. Monick Lahm invites you to join the sisterhood of Real Estate Investor (REI) Goddesses. And just recently, she hosted a Soulmates Virtual Retreat for Real Estate Investors. 

Her I.G. is a manifestation of love, affection, and mindfulness. Yet somehow, she always shares super-useful tips, guides, podcasts, and videos on real estate. 

If joining a closely-knit sisterhood sounds like your thing, follow Monick Lahm. 

4. Samantha DeBianchi

Women,Real Estate,Influencers

Samantha DeBianchi is a host on Million Dollar Listing, Miami, and the founder of Debianchi Real Estate. She’s also a Sales Associate at Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate where she represents top athletes and entrepreneurs. 

“Samantha (Sam) DeBianchi LaViola is one of South Florida’s hottest and most successful real estate professionals.”

Sam believes a good realtor focuses on personality over price. And she acknowledges it’s what is responsible for her hundreds of millions in sales. Sam also preaches realtors should listen so they can provide value, not just take a client’s order. 

Okay, enough of Sam’s preachings. Go see her videos for yourself on I.G. and be inspired. Bonus – she’s a happy wife and mom to 1-year old Domenic and a cute little furball. 

5. Raluca Monet

Women,Real Estate,Influencers

Raluca Monet is the real deal if you’re interested in a real estate influencer with technology affiliations. 

She’s the Real Estate Lead for tech giants Google – Google Marketing Solutions. At her job, she cooks up solutions for real estate partners looking to boost their online presence through the search engine.

Understandably, Raluca may not be a hands-on realtor or big-time social media influencer, for that matter. But she sets a good example for investors who want to leverage PropTech trends

In what I’d consider her only significant online content, Raluca shares insights about consumer behavior. In the 20-minute video, she explains why agents need to provide value to clients in detail. 

If you only have to learn one thing about why you need an online presence, her speech about the future of real estate marketing might be enough.

Unsurprisingly, with her grasp of the industry, Raluca made Inman’s list of The Real Estate Influencers of 2017. This is which is another testament that you don’t need thousands of followers to be an influencer. 

6. Tracy Tutor

Women,Real Estate,Influencers

If you’re fascinated by the Beverly Hills market, Tracy Tutor will put you in the front seat. Although Tracy had the privilege of growing up as the child of one of the best civil contractors in the country, Ronald Tutor, she developed a work ethic that helped her branch into residential real estate on her own.

Impressively, Tracy became the first and only female agent on the California housing reality show, Million Dollar Listing LA, when she joined in 2006. As a result, you get to enjoy a close-up look at the professional and personal life of the 46-year old mogul. 

She’s written a book titled “Fear Is Just A Four-Letter Word,” that empowers realtors with confidence on and off the job. Take it from a woman who’s spent over two decades dealing with L.A.’s top echelon and is currently worth over $20 million. 

Tracy tutor is the female real estate influencer to follow if you love the celebrity lifestyle. 

7. Jade Mills

Women,Real Estate,Influencers

Jade Mills is arguably one of the best female real estate influencers of the decade. Last year, she was named top agent of the American real estate franchise, Coldwell Banker. And more familiarly, was the best agent in California, per Newsweek. 

This stunning realtor has a stronghold on the luxury market of L.A., with career sales grossing $6 billion. She’s the kind of realtor magnate you can definitely learn a thing or two from. 

She’s a symbol of professionalism and a beacon of success to women. Daughter of a dairy farmer turned career multi-millionaire broker. A few days ago, Jade shared an appreciation post of her induction into Inman’s Hall of Fame on her Instagram

Nonetheless, Jade Mills has a whole lot to offer for aspiring luxury housing agents. She regularly posts her listings, and two months ago, she hosted a Q n A on her page. 

If you’re inspired by success, follow Jade!

8. Kim Stoegbauer

Women,Real Estate,Influencers

Kim Stoegbauer is the prime example of an American mom living the dream in real estate.

After entering a brokerage straight out of college, she spent 8 years in real estate until the 2008 market crash. Then she decided to start a blog and started designing party items. Getting older, she’s decided to focus on real estate, and we thank her for that. 

Now, she’s the CEO of TomKat Real Estate (named after her kids) and TomKat Studio, where she specializes in selling and designing homes. Kim shares many reno inspirations on her Instagram feed, as well as listings. 

Also, her design page has over 70,000 followers and 3,000 posts. And they are 99.9% helpful content about staging, remodelling, and pick-me-ups for work. 

Are you into design? Then, you don’t want to miss out on Kim Stoegbauer’s regular posts.   

9. Bianca and Sara 

Women,Real Estate,Influencers

Bianca and Sara are co-owners of Your San Diego Agents, located in San Diego, California. The happy couple pride themselves as marketers who know how to leverage the internet to sell a house. Salespeople, they say, are a thing of the past. 

So, their I.G. Stories is a candy box of tips and statistics about buyers, sellers, first-time buyers, building trends, events, and relocation. Bianca and Sara also post informational media about real estate, family, and LGBTQ. Oh, and I have dibs on a cute photo of Liona, the couple’s first child. 

If you’re looking for female real estate influencers you can connect with on a personal level, go for Your San Diego Agents

10. Amy Bohutinsky 

Women,Real Estate,Influencers

Amy Bohitinsky was a former CMO and CFO at Zillow Group, as one of the pioneer members from 2005. Now, she serves as a director at Zillow, Modsy, and Duolingo. She was named the “Most Powerful Woman in Real Estate” for the years 2017 and 2018. And has received several other accolades. 

Like many, Amy graduated college with a dream to become an investigative journalist. Sadly, things didn’t pan out as she’d expected. At 23, she had reached her breaking point when she was sent to Fort Myers by her network to cover the story of a two-headed shrimp.  

Unlike many though, she took off to San Francisco during the internet boom and started a career in P.R. The rest, they say, is history. 

Although she lives a secluded social media life —which is okay — she’s a great influence. Nonetheless, Amy occasionally goes on talk shows and interviews. Watch Amy speaking below at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women

Honestly, her story alone inspires aspiration, relentlessness, and hope. 

Want to Become A Female Real Estate Influencer?

Are you considering being a female real estate influencer yourself? 

The golden rule to success is to give your audience valuable content. That, of course, means you need to find a niche you love or know a thing or two about. Learn from other influencers and partner up with them when you can. 

The same rule applies if you’re trying to make a breakthrough in the business. Provide value to your clients by bringing their ideas to life with suggestions and advice. And continue to learn — no matter how little.

In truth, there’s enough space on social media for you to succeed as an influencer. Or in the field, with dedication, consistency, and an open ear to expert advice.

Who among these real estate influencers do you consider most helpful? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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