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How to Navigate Racial Trauma at Work

July 19, 2021

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About this Event
“If we all speak up and engage in small and large acts that pursue love, peace, and justice, we can dismantle the systemic structures that promote racism, xenophobia, White supremacy, and privilege.” — Sheila Wise Rowe

Leaders today understand that making progress with diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility is a journey of cultural change that they must undertake.

What are you doing to propel change and inclusion within your company culture and beyond?

Diversity, equity and inclusion — commonly referred to as DEI — has become increasingly important in the workplace. Employers must now actively work to create meaningful change in spite of the history of injustice that has marginalized underrepresented groups within the workplace.

As communicators, we are charged with shaping our organization’s reputation and creating value for brands. No matter the title or position at work, we all have a responsibility to further cultivate diversity, advance equity and practice inclusion in our communications.

Your BIPOC employees may be hurting right now, especially in light of the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder and rising incidences of Asian hate.

They need support now, more than ever. In this presentation, we share ideas on how you as an employer or a leader provide this vital support and help your employees or co-workers overcome racial trauma.

Join us as we strive to move the conversation forward. This discussion is open to professionals and business owners interested in learning more about leadership for a changing demographic.

Let’s discuss how transformational leadership is enacted for diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility within your teams and programs.

Our forum provides a safe space to have relevant discussion, with an emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility.

We invite leaders from throughout the country to infuse their knowledge and wisdom with the group so that we can have an enriching and deepening shared experience.

Please join us!

“As people of color living in America (and around the world) continue to be impacted by racism and racial trauma, we will need God’s grace, stamina, and resilience to stay well.” — Sheila Wise Rowe

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