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Behaviors of Inclusion

January 19, 2022

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About this event
We are all biased, and yet bias doesn’t have to stop us from being deliberately inclusive and leveraging our differences. In this workshop, you will learn the psychology of unconscious bias and its impact at work. Then we’ll practice behaviors of inclusion – small habits that improve 1-1 interactions, gatherings, meetings, feedback, and decisions. You’ll leave with greater confidence and simple tools to be a better advocate for yourself and others.

During this workshop participants will:

• Develop a shared language and increased conversational capacity to talk about bias and inclusion

• Learn about the science behind unconscious bias

• Understand the impact of bias in the workplace

• Practice behaviors of inclusion for the biggest exclusion hotspots: 1-1 interactions, gatherings, meetings, feedback & decisions, microaggressions, and internal bias

• Create an action plan to apply insights and continue learning

After this workshop, participants will know how to:

• Speak with greater clarity and confidence on issues of diversity and inclusion

• Notice bias in everyday interactions and decisions

• Create a greater sense of belonging for their coworkers

• Make sure every voice is heard in meetings

• Ask questions that lead to insight (for themselves and others)

• Intervene constructively when they see bias at play

• Keep noticing and filling their own gaps in awareness

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