The Happier Way Foundation has a new partnership

The Happier Way Foundation has a partnership with As Descobertas that is a Portuguese Institute of Education and Pedagogical Investigation. Click Here to see some examples of work that is done by the students in the Arts Classes.

As Descobertas is a Portuguese Institute of Education and Pedagogical Investigation that was founded in 1978. It is an NGO for people who have disabilities with the mission to help them develop mental, cognitive, motor, and psychosocial competencies.

They work individually in areas such as education, rehabilitation, and personal development promoting a better quality of life to their 90 children and youngsters.

Using a human and technical spirit of constant innovation and the amazing dedication of their team they aim to bring happiness and affection to their students. By promoting a global service according to their student’s necessities, they foster an environment of equal opportunities for them.

The Arts Class’s main goal is to promote self-esteem and personal development through art. In an environment of union, sharing and equality we learn to manage our feelings and emotions with deep respect for each one’s individuality.

The art work done also allows for the exploration of fundamental themes for us to live in harmony with ourselves, each other and with the planet.

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