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Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

January 27, 2022

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The interactive training program gives you an enhanced understanding of diversity in the workplace and raises your own self awareness.
About this event
This two-hour training program is aimed at improving your ability to understand diversity – both in the workplace with colleagues, and with customers. The course provides you with an understanding of what diversity and inclusion actually means, and how it impacts ourselves as well as others.

As part of the journey during the session, we will raise your awareness of your own values, beliefs, and biases. The interactive training program gives you’re an enhanced understanding of diversity in the workplace.

The program includes presentations combined with interactive breakout sessions, providing you with the opportunity to practically apply your learning.

Note: This course can be modified for Leaders and included modules relating to managing in a diverse environment.

Embrace the meaning of diversity and the different ways it presents itself in society.
Understand diversity and the benefits, as well as challenges of working with people from a diverse background (both employee and customer).
Gain awareness of your own perspective and any biases you may have, a how these can impact your interactions with people.
Discover tools you can adopt to become aware of their own values, beliefs, and biases.
Understand how diversity can positively enhance the customer experience.
Learn tips to embrace diversity and inclusion in the workshop to enable the workplace to be a positive environment for all.

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