ICF ACC Credential

Learn to help others–be it family members, friends, or colleagues–lead a happier, more meaningful life.

About the Program

The ICF ACC Credential package is a great start for people with little or no coaching experience, although experienced coaches often take this track as well. This ICF-accredited program provides coursework in the foundations of coaching, including opportunities for practice and the study of ethics. It includes a deep dive into applied positive psychology and fulfills the coach training requirements for ICF’s ACC credential.


Successful completion of all requirements confers Positive Acorn’s Certified Positive Psychology Coach endorsement.Students in this program have the opportunity to add to their 100 coaching hours required for ACC certification. Credentialed coaches can receive CCE credits.

Who does it?

Positive Acorn

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Material Includes

Video training series
The SPIRE e-workbook
The Living with EASE e-book

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