30-Day Mindfulness Course 

Learn to help others–be it family members, friends, or colleagues–lead a happier, more meaningful life.

About the Program

Learn how to practice different mindfulness techniques, create a daily mindfulness practice, and enjoy the wonderful benefits


The course consists of 30 daily sessions. Each session includes a short video (lasting about 5 minutes) that discusses a specific aspect of mindfulness and a related mindfulness exercise (taking about 5-10 minutes to practice). You could obviously practice for longer if you wish, but the minimum time required is about 10-15 minutes per day, making it easy to fit into your day even when you are busy. All guided meditations are downloadable so that you can practice them on your computer, laptop or any other mobile device.

Who does it?

School of Positive Transformation


Courses Included

CPD Accredited
Videos, Guided Meditations, Reflective Practices and Mindfulness Exercises

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